Maricheweu International
For the Human Rights of the Mapuche People Argentina, Chile


Temuko, OCTOBER 13, 2013

Yesterday the afternoon, José Mariano Llanca Tori was transferred from the jail of Angol, to the Hospital of the Town, the result of a INTESTINAL BLEEDING caused by the BREACH OF A VEIN IN THE ESOPHAGUS, he consequently suffered fainting spells, vomiting and loss of consciousness. We reiterate that these symptoms have occurred repeatedly in recent months, endangering his life.

We publicly denounce that José Mariano Llanca Tori was the victim of violations of his Basic Rights as a Prisoner, and he was not provided First Aid in the units of the prison and was transported by a prison van of the Gendarmerie to the Hospital in Angol, in dreadful conditions, being long minutes in the hands of personnel that does not have the required medical knowledge for so serious a situation. 

We reiterate that José Mariano Llanca Tori, has been applying from the month of August the Prison Benefits to qualify for better health care, according to his needs and which will allow him to regain his health, not just to maintain it in the current state. Considering also the alternative treatment of his own culture, with the help of the Machi. For this reason we make it clear that it is in the hands of the Gendarmerie to provide the facilities to José Llanca to begin shortly with a dignified treatment.

We thank all those who are aware of this struggle and will continue to denounce the injustices and continue to accompany José and his family at this difficult time.  


We inform the Mapuche People and the national and international public opinion, the serious situation being experienced by the Mapuche Political Prisoner José Mariano Llanca Tori, who since May has been undergoing a deterioration of his health.

We inform that José Mariano Llanca Tori yesterday in the afternoon, October 12, 2013, has been transferred to the Regional Hospital of Temuco, a result of ruptures in varicose veins, which produced intestinal bleeding, considering that it was not the first time this situation happens, and compounding this,  are the poor conditions in which José Llanca is attend in the dependencies of Angol prison. In the afternoon of this day October 13 José Llanca was transferred to the hospital in Angol, after his condition was stabilized.

Our main concern is the repeated bleedings, fainting, vomiting and loss of consciousness that befall him in his cell, having records of it taking more than 40 minutes before receiving the first care from the Gendarmerie.

We reiterate that José Mariano Llanca Tori, has been requesting since the month of August of the Gendarmerie of Chile, to grant him prison benefits considering his medical report stating an irreversible disease, therefore, it is of indispensable necessity to obtain such benefits, allowing him to achieve a dignified medical treatment according to his needs.

We call upon all people who are aware of the fight that takes place every day in the various jails of the country, resulting from State Terrorism perpetrated against the Mapuche people, to accompany José Mariano Llanca Tori and his family to get the prison benefits, so he can have the basic care of a good treatment, in order to stabilize his health.  

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