Maricheweu International
For the Human Rights of the Mapuche People Argentina, Chile

Fundo El Canelo and the unity of the Mapuche struggle

29 Oktober 2013
Public Statement No. 2

After 17 days of the occupation of the estate El Canelo by Lof El Malo, Ranquilhue Chico and Choque, commune of Tirúa, the balance achieved after the Nguillatún, last Thursday October 24, reveals the selfless unity as shown by various Communities in Resistance in the province of Arauco.

It is clear once again that the number one enemy of the Mapuche is the forestry capitalism, that in this territory of Wallmapu exceeds 50% of our soil. This is where the recovery of the estate El Canelo, usurped by the multinational Volterra, becomes a key objective for the reconstruction of the Mapuche Nation.

This has been understood by the other Lof in Resistance of the zone that arrived en masse to the Nguillatún of October 24, which reinforced the idea not to lay down the actions to definitely regain the 800 hectares usurped by Volterra and, thus, advance to a greater territorial control by the Mapuche. 

When the recovery started the need was voiced to add all the landless communities opting for the struggle of Resistance and Reconstruction. This sign of unity allowed the incorporation of a new community into this recovery process: it is the community Francisco Millabur of Lof Ranquilhue Grande, whose members are already working on control tasks of the estate.

We invite our brothers from other communities to join in this recovery processunderstanding that the elementary thing is the reconstruction of our territory, without falling into divisions subservient to the state and forestry companies, our real enemies. On this line this Wednesday October 30th we will have a new trawun in the interior of the estate in dispute.

From Arauco we send fraternal greetings to our brothers political prisoners, including the Machi Celestino Cordova that these days faces the Chilean courts of justice. We know that with the strength of our pu lonkos and support of our people, this setup will be pulled down.

The Forestry Companies out of Wallmapu!!!!
Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners!!!!
José María Calbul, Lof El Malo
Esteban Yevilao, Lof Choque
Segundo Yevilao, Lof Ranquilhue Chico
Francisco Millabur, Lof Ranquilhue Grande

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