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News about the threatened Indians in Brazil - #Tenharim #Humaitá

News about the threatened Indians in Brazil - #Tenharim #Humaitá

Recent news about the conflicts in the Southern Amazonas state, Brazil, by Elaíze Farias: 

Troops of the Federal Police arrived yesterday (27) in Humaitá. There were two meetings - one in the Town Hall and other in the Army barracks. The Tenharim Indians refugees in the barracks were not invited to participate in the meetings. 

Ivanildo Tenharim told me last Saturday that the Indians do not know clearly what actions are being planned and executed in yesterday’s conflict area, when hundreds of people made an anti-indigenous protest on the Transamazonic road, more specifically in the area where there were invasions of villages and fire in the toll base where Tenharim charge the road use. What is known is that the troops would enter into the Indian territory to "do a search" of the missing men (or their bodies) in the villages, since there is suspicion that Tenharim Indians would have killed these three people (which they deny). 

The other concern is the persistence of Indian people in the barracks. There is no prevision about the leaving of the 140 Indians from the place. The Tenharim are awaiting a response from Funai to resolve the case. In addition to these informations which we summarized here, Ivanildo gave me the following account: 

Boat  that provided important services to indigenous peoples, burned by vandals
"They did two meetings, but we did not participate. We just knew that they did the meetings, no Indians were present. We do not know what they are doing on the road: If they are going to enter into the village the village or they are trying to protect the Indians from the farmers’ protests. No Indian leader in the barracks is accompanying the troops at this time. Now we are waiting for the presence of Funai, that promised on Saturday to send a team here with us. We are isolated here in the barracks. We want to leave. It's too bad. It's that way of barracks, all we want to do we have to ask. We're not used to it. But we still do not know when we'll get out of here ".

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