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Climate of tension in Humaitá - #Tenharim conflict

Funai boat burned as protest.
Climate of tension in Humaitá - #Tenharim conflict. Climate of tension in Humaitá, in South of the Amazon. Celebreations of New Year to have been cancelled.

Fearing a repeat of the violent events of Christmas, the city administration Humaitá in the southern Amazon, on Tuesday, the 31.12.2013, has banned New Year's outdoor parties.

Because of strong ethnic tensions in the region, the order was given at the request of the Task 
Force of the federal government, which also sent approximately 300 men in the region, including federal police and soldiers of the regular army.

"Today, if an Indian comes to town, he will die," says the lawyer Carlos Terrinha, the local representative of the OAB ( Brazilian Lawyers Association), former alderman and a sharp critic of the conduct of the Indians of the region.

The police presence on the streets of the city is obvious. Nevertheless, according to Francisco Merkel, the Bishop of Humaita, the few Indians who remain in the city, won´t go out on the street for fear of being attacked.

Source: Informal Midia
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