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The soul and body of Tenharim people in jail - #FreeTenharim

Tenharim ritual. Photo Funai Humaitá
The soul and body of Tenharim people in jail - #FreeTenharim

We're not allowed to have headdress nor practice our rituals. We can't either dance, paint, or anything related to our culture, our things. This is to our body too. Our body and our spirit suffer, we're worried a lot to our people there, in jail.

We are not treated as human beings here. But we are also Brazilian. We're weakened, we're hurt.

We didn't know what was going on. We can't stay here, knowing nothing, and our people can't stay without our rituals and ceremonies. It is a massacre of our spirits. And we have to do the funeral ceremony to our Chief. Without our festivities, everything gets unstructured. Our cerimonies must be done now, in July. If we can’t make them happen, the whole people, we're were all going to be unprotected. All the people will be spiritually unprotected, and then bad things will come, the rituals cannot be stopped, because they're done since the beginning of our people, and it never happened before that we couldn't do the cerimonies. Our people, our culture, everything gets disoriented, confused because we're here and our people is there, in prison. The whole community loses.

Here is the complete report of Tenharim people who had their freedom taken in  Porto Velho, to Rebeca Campos Ferreira, a Federal Prosecutor, expert in Anthropology, on May 22, 2014:

Academic article about a ritual that happens every year among the Tenharim people from Marmelos river - "Ritual and quotidian life in southern Amazon: the Tenharim of  Marmelos river", by Edmundo Antonio Peggion:

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