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Divers Capture Rare Footage Of Male Seahorse Giving Birth In The Wild

Male White seahorse giving birth off of Little Beach in Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia.

Meagan Abele and Clayton Manning research seahorses for the global conservation group Project Seahorse in Australia. The pair of scientists were recently diving in Nelson Bay in New South Wales when they were lucky enough to spot a male pregnant Witei seahorse giving birth!

Do sea horses mate for life? They tend to bond for life but not always. In bonded pairs, when one dies the other will die soon after.

How many species of sea horses are there? 40+ Are seahorses endangered? Yes. There are 39 species of endangered seahorses on the IUCN Red List.

Why are sea horses endangered? Three factors account for the deaths of tens of millions of sea horses each year: the Chinese medicinal trade, accidental catch by shrimp trawling and other fishing operations, and habitat destruction.

What is unique about seahorse reproduction? The male gets impregnated by the female and stores the eggs in its brood pouch until they hatch in about 2-3 weeks.


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